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Desert   Retreat

Situated Arizona hillside, this unique home boasts cutting edge design details juxtaposed with ancient artifacts & furnishings from the owner’s travels around the world. With a small, cubical plan & lack of interior walls, this residence’s spatial layout had to be highly creative & thoughtful to achieve the client’s desires for their open concept adobe bunkhouse. This home was to be designed as an escape to the sights & sounds of the Southwest. It was important that the home feel native to the land, as it sits in the middle of undisturbed desert landscape. This Arizona-style home is enveloped in exposed adobe brick walls. The bunkhouse's interior plan is essentially a box with four large concrete & adobe columns. Furniture is thoughtfully arranged within the boundaries of these columns, creating nine “rooms.” The single bathroom is the only room which was designed to be private. In the center of the home sits the Living Room, surrounded by an entry, kitchen, dining room, bath, two bedrooms, an office & sitting room all in less than 2,000sf. New leathers & fabrics with western motifs blend with antique textiles & case pieces from Indonesian & African travels.  Considerable change in ceiling height in the central space showcases an antique light fixture suspended from the natural douglas fir vigas-style ceiling. Exceptional tile selection in the kitchen & bath showcase pops of style-appropriate color. Spatial constraints required out of the box design ideas such as custom murphy beds & hidden pullout shelving.  Working within a small space, with a lot of pre-determined furniture made the layout & flow of the home a difficult design challenge that was beautifully executed, leaving the owners ecstatic with their new “original” adobe home.   

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